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Hyperbaric Medicine

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Hyperbaric medicine delivers high doses of pure oxygen to stimulate rapid healing. At Peachstate Advanced Cardiac & Endovascular, the team of leading wound care specialists offers hyperbaric medicine as part of their comprehensive treatment plans for patients who need help with healing. The practice has locations throughout the state of Georgia, so call the office nearest you or book your appointment using the online scheduler now.

Hyperbaric Medicine Q&A

What is hyperbaric medicine?

Hyperbaric medicine, or hyperbaric oxygen therapy, is the use of pure oxygen in a medical treatment plan. The air you breathe is only 21% oxygen, while hyperbaric medicine gives you 100% pure oxygen.

When might I need hyperbaric medicine?

Hyperbaric medicine is an effective approach for many different conditions, but perhaps the best known is diabetic ulcers (nonhealing wounds). Many diabetic ulcers grow infected, further complicating the healing process. Pure oxygen can stimulate healing and fight infections in both tissue and bone.

Peachstate Advanced Cardiac & Endovascular has an extensive diabetic wound healing program that incorporates hyperbaric medicine alongside other treatments like infection-specific antibiotics, tissue debridement, and blood sugar management. 

Some of the other FDA-approved uses of hyperbaric medicine include the treatment of severe burns, anemia, carbon monoxide poisoning, crush injury, and radiation injury.

What are the benefits of hyperbaric medicine for wound healing? 

Hyperbaric medicine helps with nonhealing wounds in multiple ways, including: 

  • Fights infection
  • Fights wound breakdown
  • Prevents loss of skin grafts and flaps
  • Increases the regenerative cells around the wound
  • Improves blood flow to the wound
  • Increases the blood vessels around the wound 

Hyperbaric medicine is just one part of your wound care plan. The team may perform debridement (removal of necrotic skin around the wound to stimulate healing) and prescribe antibiotics specific to your infection. 

Of course, if you have diabetes, good blood sugar management is critical for wound healing and your overall health. Following a healthy diet, managing your weight, exercising regularly, checking your blood glucose, and taking any prescribed diabetes medications as directed are all part of blood sugar management.

How does the hyperbaric medicine process work for wound healing? 

The hyperbaric medicine process involves entering a pressurized chamber. You breathe normally during the treatment and can remain fully clothed. Overall, treatment takes about two hours. 

The team monitors you throughout the treatment and checks your blood pressure, pulse, and blood sugar before you leave. After treatment, you can return to your regular routine. 

Most patients need a series of hyperbaric medicine treatments to encourage optimal healing, so the team can design a treatment plan for your unique situation. 

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