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Feeling Faint

Fainting, often known as passing out, is a scary experience. It is, nevertheless, a regular occurrence. One out of every three persons will pass out at some time throughout their lives.
Dec 8th, 2021

Keeping your Vascular System Healthy

Vascular disorders may be debilitating or even fatal, and if you've experienced them before, you know how frightening they can be. Here's some information about vascular health, as well as some suggestions for self-care.
Nov 22nd, 2021

Diabetic Foot Sores

If you've received a diagnosis of diabetes or have been living with it for some time, you're surely aware that chronic wounds are a severe condition that you should be aware of at all times.
Nov 17th, 2021

Clogged Arteries making my Legs hurt

Peripheral artery disease (also known as peripheral arterial disease) is a cardiovascular condition in which constricted arteries limit blood flow to the limbs.
Nov 8th, 2021

Leg Craps might not…just go away!

Leg cramps are inconvenient, to be sure, but most of us ignore them. After all, it's difficult to get worked up over a "charley horse" ailment for which your mother would advise you to eat more bananas.
Nov 5th, 2021

Could I really be having a heart attack?

What symptoms can we look out for that might indicate a potential heart problem? Dr. Odiete, Peachstate Advanced Cardiac & Endovascular, tells us more about the signs that could mean it’s time to see a doctor.
Nov 3rd, 2021

Weakness in your legs, when to seek help

Nerve damage to the peripheral nervous system, which connects the nerves from your central nervous system to the rest of your body, is known as peripheral neuropathy.
Oct 29th, 2021

Leg Pain & Numbness, What you need to know

Leg pain can range from a subtle ache to a scorching, throbbing, or burning feeling, and it can be sporadic or chronic. Numbness in one or more parts of the leg might seem as a lack of sensation or a chilly, frigid sensation.
Oct 27th, 2021

Vascular Interventions

There are a variety of illnesses and structural issues that can impact the veins and arteries, however these issues can be remedied with vascular treatments.
Oct 25th, 2021

Intervening for Vein Health

Angiography was first used as a radiological treatment in the 1920s. Using a hollow needle, contrast agent, and live radioscopy, doctors were able to scan vessels.
Oct 20th, 2021

Traveling? Reducing the Risk of DVT

Keep these vital vein health recommendations in mind as you pack your baggage for your summer vacation. Summer is the busiest travel season, as we take advantage of the milder weather to visit far-flung locations.
Oct 18th, 2021

The Danger of Varicose Veins

You're probably aware that your veins perform an important role in your body. However, you've undoubtedly hoped you could just get rid of your bulging, noticeable, and sometimes painful veins.
Oct 15th, 2021

Restless Leg Syndrome and 6 causes

It's important to get enough sleep. It helps you focus and feel your best, and it also helps your body heal and battle common ailments like heart disease.
Oct 13th, 2021

One Doctor for Cardiac AND Vascular Health

A cardiologist is a doctor that specializes in treating heart disorders such as chest discomfort, high blood pressure, and heart failure, as well as difficulties with your heart valves, blood arteries, and other cardiac and vascular concerns.
Oct 8th, 2021

Walking for Vein and Vascular Health

If the rise of "walked 10,000 steps a day" or "walked 20,000 steps a day" videos on YouTube wasn't enough of a hint, the popularity of walking has exploded.
Oct 6th, 2021

How do I know if it is PAD vs. Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is a defect, illness, or degenerative condition of the peripheral nerves that causes pain, numbness, and tingling. The limbs are feeble. Nerves can become inflamed.
Oct 4th, 2021

What is Arrhythmia?

Atrial fibrillation is the most frequent kind of arrhythmia, but it's not the only one. We'll look at the many forms of irregular heartbeats and how they're handled in this article.
Sep 21st, 2021

Chest PAIN? This is Scary!

Pain is notoriously difficult to define, and different parts of your body might ache for different reasons.
Aug 31st, 2021

Depression and leg pain are linked

According to a study done by the National Center for Health Statistics, nearly one out of every ten males suffers from depressive symptoms, with fewer than half wanting to seek treatment.
Aug 20th, 2021

I have PAD, why do I now have a skin condition?

PAD affects blood circulation and can cause a variety of painful and unpleasant symptoms, including skin problems and alterations. The lower extremities are the most prevalent site of PAD symptoms.
Aug 18th, 2021

My legs are COLD. Why is my Right Colder than my Left?

You're relaxing in a comfortable camping chair, cheering on your daughter's baseball team, when you notice numbness and tingling in your lower left leg. When you try to massage your leg, you notice that one leg is cooler than the other.
Aug 13th, 2021

Women and CardioVascular Health

What are the differences in cardiovascular health between men and women? Certain cardiac medicines are less likely to be recommended to women.
Aug 11th, 2021

Aching Legs? Here is what you need to know.

Legs that are tired and achy are typically not a reason for concern. If you have a family history of heart disease or peripheral artery disease (PAD), though, you may be concerned that your aching legs are a symptom of something more severe.
Aug 10th, 2021

Heart Disease and Coronavirus, what to know.

Finally, the muddied coronavirus waters are getting a little less murky — and revealing that the heart plays a major role in how COVID-19 (the disease caused by the new coronavirus) affects people.
Aug 6th, 2021

Heart Cath? Here is what to know.

Cardiac catheterization is a technique used by cardiologists to check how well your heart is performing. It can also be used to identify problems and administer a treatment for narrowed or blocked coronary arteries.
Aug 2nd, 2021

Aortic Aneurysm. Can you live with that?

Despite the fact that aneurysms cause more than 25,000 fatalities in the United States each year, it is possible to live with and treat an aortic aneurysm.
Jul 23rd, 2021

Heart Attack signs and how 4 of them are SILENT.

If you've ever seen a movie in which an actor had a heart attack, you've undoubtedly seen them grip their chest, eyes rolling back, and wailing in agony before collapsing onto the floor.
Jul 16th, 2021

High Blood Pressure? What to do about it.

When your doctor places a blood pressure cuff around your arm, the objective is to learn more about how well your heart is performing. Blood pressure isn't an illness in and of itself.
Jul 9th, 2021

Help! My legs hurt so much.

Aches and pains are common in human bodies, and they come and go. Normally, these aren't a major source of concern or importance. However, if your aches are unexplained, persistent, and affecting your quality of life, you should seek medical help. Pain in
Jun 29th, 2021

My Doctor says I need an Angiogram. What does that mean?

The medical term "angiography" refers to the study of blood arteries, whereas "graphy" refers to the study of images (think photography). Angiography is a procedure that involves capturing photographs of your blood vessels. X-rays are used to take the phot
Jun 25th, 2021

Take those socks OFF! It could save your feet.

Did you realize that having good feet is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Every time we run or walk, we expose ourselves to the risk of germs or other foot-related disorders.
Jun 23rd, 2021

Why is Leg Pain Concerning?

Diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage caused by diabetes) is a common cause of severe tingling, burning, and numbness in the legs. It's critical to distinguish the specific type and location of any leg pain for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Claudication
Jun 18th, 2021

Knowing the signs of Vascular Disease

A vascular disease is an illness that affects your arteries and veins, impairing your blood flow and causing other sections of your body to suffer. Vascular illness can manifest itself in a variety of ways.
Jun 16th, 2021

Peripheral Vascular Disease – PAD Are you at Risk?

Peripheral vascular disease, also known as peripheral artery disease or peripheral arterial disease (PAD), refers to the constriction or blockage of arteries outside of the heart and brain by atherosclerotic plaques. Peripheral artery disease is a kind of
Jun 14th, 2021

Amputation Prevention in Diabetic Patients

Thousands of diabetes-related amputations are performed each year in the United States. If you have diabetes, find out what you can do to prevent the need for an amputation and how we can assist you in that process.
Aug 10th, 2020

Am I at Risk for Peripheral Arterial Disease?

Some physical changes are inevitable when you age, but others can be prevented or treated — like peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Here’s what it is, how to avoid it, how to spot it, and what to do about it.
Jan 16th, 2020

Cold Limbs. It can indicate a vascular condition.

The most common cause of acute lower limb ischemia is a sudden blockage of an artery owing to an embolus or thrombosis. Aortic dissection and thrombosis of a popliteal aneurysm are two uncommon reasons to consider.
Jul 5th, 2021

Vein Ablation and Why I Might Need it.

Vein problems can be a significant concern but getting them addressed doesn't have to be. Fixing those pesky vein problems is not something you have to be concerned about anymore, thanks to technological advancements.
Jun 21st, 2021