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Venous Disease

Both the superficial veins and deep veins in your legs can cause painful conditions that require expert vein care. If you’re looking for the best vein care services in Georgia, board-certified interventional and endovascular cardiologist Oghenerukevwe Odiete, MD, can help at Peachstate Advanced Cardiac and Endovascular (PACE). Dr. Odiete provides advanced treatments for venous diseases and exceptional vein care for all his patients. Call your nearest PACE location today to find out more or schedule an appointment online.

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What is vein care?

Vein care is all about treating conditions affecting your veins to prevent the complications vein conditions can sometimes cause.

Vein care services that Dr. Odiete provides at Peachstate Advanced Cardiac and Endovascular include superficial venous disease treatments for the surface veins and deep venous treatments for conditions like deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and May-Thurner syndrome.


What are superficial venous diseases?

Superficial venous diseases typically affect the legs, causing:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Discoloration
  • Aching

These are problems like varicose veins and ulcers that involve leaky veins, so-called because the blood can leak back through the system of one-way valves in your veins, and sometimes into nearby tissues as well.


What kind of vein care do superficial venous diseases need?

The treatments Dr. Odiete uses for superficial vein care include:

Laser ablation

Laser ablation involves placing a needle into your vein, most often the greater saphenous vein (GSV) or the lesser saphenous vein (LSV). The laser energy travels through the needle into your vein, irritating it and making it close down. Blood then bypasses the treated vein.


Sclerotherapy involves injecting a foam medication into the affected superficial vein using a tiny butterfly needle. As with laser ablation, the foam irritates the vein, and it closes down, allowing the redirection of blood to healthier veins. Sclerotherapy is particularly useful in treating venous ulcers.


If you have large, painful varicose veins, removal could be an option. Phlebectomy involves the removal of varicose veins using a tiny hook. With the problem vein cut at either end, the hook pulls it out without you needing to have any large incisions. The special technique used at Peachstate Advanced Cardiac and Endovascular ensures the puncture is so small you won’t need stitches afterward.

Ablation and phlebectomy procedures take around an hour. Sclerotherapy is much quicker, taking only 15 to 30 minutes.


What is deep vein thrombosis (DVT)?

DVT is a potentially life-threatening blood clot that forms in one of the deep veins, most commonly in your leg. If the blood clot breaks off and travels around your body, it could end up blocking a vein and causing a condition like a pulmonary embolism that could be fatal.

Treatment for DVT involves inserting an IV into your vein and using special tools to remove some of the clot. You can also have clot-busting medication to break up the blood clot.


What is May-Thurner syndrome?

May-Thurner syndrome is also known as iliac vein compression syndrome. It occurs when an artery starts pressing on your iliac vein. The pressure causes pain and swelling and might trigger the development of a blood clot (DVT).

Treatment for May-Thurner syndrome involves putting an IV in your lower leg or groin and inserting an ultrasound device. The ultrasound technology sends back images of the affected vein and the artery that’s pressing on it. Inserting a stent, which is a small mesh tube, opens up the vein and relieves the pressure from the artery.

To find out more about the vein care services available, call Peachstate Advanced Cardiac and Endovascular (PACE) today or book an appointment online.