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Simply taking off your socks could save your limbs or life

Please take off your Socks!

Simply taking off your socks in your doctors office may save your limbs or life, especially if you are diabetic. 

Do you have Leg pain while walking or cramps when laying down at night? That may not just be your age catching up to you. It could be much worse than it appears. You might have peripheral artery disease, or PAD.

Takes steps to learn the facts about PAD, by simply just taking your socks off. When you take your socks off, here’s what to look for.

Peripheral arterial disease, or PAD, is a serious condition in which your arteries become narrowed or blocked, leading to poor blood circulation in your limbs.

Without proper treatment, this can progress to foot wounds or leg sores and possible limb loss or amputation especially if you are diabetic. PAD also increases your risks for Heart Attacks and Stroke.

8.5 million Americans suffer from PAD with >160,000 PAD-related amputations annually performed in the U.S.

Early detection and treatment is the key. Stop Ignoring the signs and symptoms.

Take your socks off at your next doctors visit and speak up about your symptoms if any. 

Cardiovascular Specialist at Peachstate Advanced Cardiac and Endovascular (PACE) can help you.

At PACE, a Center for Heart and Amputation Prevention (CHAMP), the team works to create public awareness on cardiovascular disease with a focus on treating the lower limbs and providing non-traumatic amputations related to vascular disease.

The team encourages proactive evaluation and screening, as well as minimally invasive and non-surgical care options. Early detection of cardiovascular and vascular disease means more effective treatments and a lower risk of potential complications. This leads to limb preservation, a decrease in hospital admissions, easier access to office-based procedures, and in turn, a better quality of life. 

To access the best, most comprehensive Heart and Vascular care, partner with the team at Peachstate Advanced Cardiac and Endovascular (PACE). Visit heart.org/PAD to learn more about PAD risk factors and symptoms.

Kelly Miles Current Director of Business Development & Operations at PeachState Advanced Cardiac & Endovascular- PACE. Kelly has a passion for helping others navigate the healthcare industry and ensuring quality outcomes. She lives in Newnan, GA with her husband and children.

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