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Take those socks OFF! It could save your feet.

Did you realize that having good feet is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Every time we run or walk, we expose ourselves to the risk of germs or other foot-related disorders. Foot health is equally as essential for diabetics as their overall health. Patients should get their feet examined at least once a year, according to doctors. Diabetic individuals and those with a history of foot issues may require more regular examinations.

At PACE we will examine your feet for wounds, infections, and ulcerations that might lead to more serious health problems. Diabetic neuropathy, or nerve damage in the feet, is a common problem among diabetics. If an infection or diabetic neuropathy is not adequately treated, it can lead to long-term and more serious foot problems, or even amputation.

Foot color and temperature, sensitivity, and foot pulse should all be carefully monitored. If a person's shoes show symptoms of a problem, they should be checked. If your shoes are excessively tight, it might affect your circulation and cause other difficulties. Because smoking has been found to be harmful to diabetic patients' foot health, it is recommended that people with diabetes and foot problems avoid from smoking.

An yearly foot examination is equally as vital as a comprehensive health examination. Annual foot examinations are required for diabetes.

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