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Qualities of a Doctor

What does it take to be a Doctor, exactly?

 Asking for an answer on what it takes to be a doctor will really depend on who you ask.  Aside from the intelligence, the motivation and drive needed to navigate through the years of medical school and countless exams is a key ingredient, but is it everything?  After all, doctors are made and not all of them are “good”.  The foundation of a great doctor has nothing to do with medical school GPA.

Look for a GREAT communicator.

 A Physician that takes the time to listen really cares about the symptoms and wants to hear about the problems.  After all, the right diagnosis will determine the next steps of care. 

Dr. Oghenerukevwe Odiete with PeachState Advance Cardiac and Endovascular- PACE, in Newnan, GA is determined to create a healthcare ecosystem around the patient and their individual health needs.  His vision is a local team-based approach aligning quality care with exceptional customer service.  He offers a different kind of health plan that is focused entirely on the patient.  He combines healthcare and the health plan experience with the goal to give patients access to services quickly and efficiently. 

“This doctor exemplifies the oath he took in medical school to heal the sick. You know he truly cares and wants to make you feel better. Dr. Odiete was a blessing to find in a greedy money fueled healthcare system. I’m not one to write reviews but, I know how important reviews were to me when trying to find someone who cares and would listen to the problems I was experiencing. Trust me, if you are reading this review with the same hopes, you have found right cardiologist. Schedule a visit and see for yourself...” ~ Felisha (November 2020)


Be sure you feel CARED for by your doctor.

Patients want to know that they are in good hands and that their concerns are valid.  A great Physician knows about your family, your job, what makes you happy.  At PeachState Advanced Cardiac and Endovascular, you are more than just a patient – you are a partner in your healthcare.  In short, people first.  People and their health are the priority.  That means that you are cared for as a whole person, not a disease, and recommended only for those treatments or procedures that will be most beneficial. 

“Dr. Odiete is very caring compassionate Physician. He is very thorough. He is extremely knowledgeable. He explains everything. His staff is also very compassionate. Every time I call they listen to my concerns and address the problem immediately to Dr. Odiete. I highly recommend Dr. Odiete.” ~ Carolyn (December 2020)

What is amazing is that the care doesn’t end when you leave; Dr. Odiete and Team make sure your supported, guided and empowered from your first visit to your follow – up appointments.   

“I wanted to do a little bit more, and I wanted to focus on my patients. I didn’t want them to get lost in a big system. I wanted to be able to be personable to my patients. I wanted to be able to provide the best facility and care.” ~Dr. Odiete

Ensure your Physician works together with other Physicians to support your care.

The best doctors understand that they are not a one-man show, but rather key players on a great medical team.  The support and communication amongst Physicians mean that you, the patient, receives collaborated care in any diagnoses and treatments. 

“Dr. Odiete is very caring. He’s concerned about not just my condition, but also my personal well-being. He’s helped me to stabilize my BP and to educate me about the causes. He’s helped me understand heart valve issue as well. I am quite pleased with his knowledge and expertise.” ~Carole (December 2020)

Being sure you have a Physician that is MORE than a doctor but accentuated by true passion for the work means you as the patient are the priority.  As you can see the making of a doctor is no single ingredient.  How a Physician interacts with patients is no one-size-fits all approach to medicine.  Dr. Odiete is not only a “great” doctor he is exceptional.  He exhibits all the traits necessary to be classified as “good” but goes above and beyond for his patients. 


We are just a call or click away. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone with PeachState Advanced Cardiac & Endovascular. We have several locations in Georgia: Newnan, Atlanta, & Griffin.

Kelly Miles Current Director of Business Development & Operations at PeachState Advanced Cardiac & Endovascular- PACE. Kelly has a passion for helping others navigate the healthcare industry and ensuring quality outcomes. She lives in Newnan, GA with her husband and children.

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